Textile Factory


TYPOLOGY: Industrial
YEAR: 2020 – 2023
LOCATION: Medellín, Colombia
CLIENT: Private
* First Project in Medellín with green concrete zero CO2 emisions - Cemex

The factory has a skyscraper typology in order to concentrate on the first third of a rectangular plan, the vertical circulation systems – its core - thus freeing up the perimeters and façades on each side of the block.

The five-story building, with a rectangular floor plan measuring 60 meters long and 30 meters wide, connects two busy industrial roads. The shorter façades receive strong sunlight in the morning and in the afternoon. The plot’s depth gave us the idea of inserting two courtyards in the second (longitudinal) third of the plan, to provide cross-ventilation for the building’s interior and an interior landscape of native vegetation that changes the atmosphere of the workplace. Understanding the project in the tradition of warehouses and factory buildings, we decided to use brick as a low-maintenance material that provides thermal insulation. On the north and south façades, the diagonally laid brickwork creates a brise-soleil type saw-toothed system of panels and windows, which not only give an industrial feel that fits in with the industrial context but also reduces noise and reduces solar gain without preventing the entry of natural light.

The building’s design and choice of materials respond to the needs, awareness, and eagerness to certify the project as a low-energy and resource-efficient construction, earning it an LEED environmental certificate.