Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, Colombia


We are an architecture agency based in Medellín, Colombia, characterized by understanding architecture as a cultural practice and proposing an architecture for the tropics. We are a local practice with global ideas immersing ourselves in history and cultural contexts where we work, to provide unique, responsible and realistic spatial solutions.

Led by Camilo Restrepo Ochoa and Juliana Gallego Martínez, at AGENdA we give answers to the client´s needs through high quality architecture, interior and urban design. Our projects articulate a passionate commitment to academy, applied research, and the pragmatic reality of everyday life with ingenious results.

We do what we are, we are what we do

  • We listen before we speak.
  • We believe in the power of architecture to drive change.
  • Architecture is a way of thinking, living and transforming the world.
  • We like challenges. Each project is an opportunity to transform reality.
  • We are more interested in quality than quantity.
  • We respect the environments and cultures where we operate.
  • We are passionate about architecture, culture, art, design and good conversations.
  • We give the best solution with what is available.
  • We investigate, think, ask questions, analyze and reflect before proposing.
  • We want to be a bridge between dreams and reality, make ideas possible.
  • We accept the difference and diversity of ways of thinking and doing.
  • We seek, above all, present and future opportunities to generate well-being.
  • The best design is the one that is possible.
  • We seek constant learning. Knowledge matters.
  • We love books. We read, read, and read... and with books we learn, we reflect, we wonder, we corroborate, we get amazed... they are our essence.
  • We ask why and what for? And what if…?
  • And, above all, we enjoy what we do.


WE ARE a confluence of ideals, attitudes, and actions.

With more than 20 years of practice, we are specialized in architectural design, interior design, urban design and deeply involved in theory and conceptual research. We have an international network of colleagues and advisors on different issues according to the needs and demands of each project.

Administrative Team

Juliana Gallego Martínez

Administrative and legal Director /. Partner – Cofounder
Lawyer graduated from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Medellín, Colombia.

Specialist on International Contracts from Universidad Externado de Colombia, and Executive MBA from Universidad ISEAD, Spain.

Jorge Muñoz

Business Administration, graduted from Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia.

Specialist in Finance from Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia.

María Lucia Restrepo Cardona

Accounting Leader

Design Team

Camilo Restrepo Ochoa

Design Director /. Partner /. Cofounder
Architect, graduted from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín.

Masters Degree in urbanism, architecture and urban culture from Universidad de Catalunya, METROPOLIS.

Design critic at Harvard Graduate School of Design since 2020, and between 2013-2016, as well as professor and lecturer in different universities in America and Europe.

One of the three finalist of Rolex Mentor Protegè 2012. His work, as well as his writings about architecture, have been published in multiple magazines, books and specialized media around the world.

Mariana Mejía Arango

Senior Architect /. Project Manager
Architect, graduated from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia.

Master’s in art and production Design from Savannah College of Art and Design – SCAD, United States.

Juan Camilo Ramírez Ortiz

Senior Architect /. Graphic Designer
Architect and Graphic Designer, graduated from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia.

Master´s in Architecture from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín, Colombia.

Tatiana Colorado Mejía

Arquitecta Senior /.  Directora de Proyectos
Arquitecta de la Universidad San Buenaventura, Medellín, Colombia

David Soberón Restrepo

Junior Architect
Architect, graduated from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia.