Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, Colombia


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TYPOLOGY: Interior Design
CREDITS:Imágenes Collage – AGENdA
YEAR: 2023
LOCATION: Medellín, Colombia
CLIENT: San Luca Pizzería

This project for a pizza restaurant seeks to explore the relationship between the interior and the exterior using a structure which alludes to the terraces of the restaurants of the Italian coasts. This structure works as a space container, reducing the height and delimiting the service area for, from the entrance and the kitchen area.

From this structure some catenaries in canvas are hung, which attenuate the light (from the sun during the day and from the lamps at night), and distributes it evenly in the space, becoming a large warm light lamp, for a more intimate and cozy space.

The interior of the restaurant has 3 predominant colors, green, red and yellow, extracted from the work of Edward Hopper, specifically Nighthawks, which function as spatial boundaries, highlighting different environments of the restaurant: in yellow, the service area for clients; in red, the kitchen and bar area, and the color green, as the unifier of the space.

To give an atmosphere and experience consistent with a more Mediterranean-style pizzeria, and to create an identity to the restaurant, we decided to use small citrus trees and aromatic plants to complete the gastronomic experience.