Southwest Master Plan


TYPOLOGY: Landscape and Urbanism
YEAR: 2020-2022
LOCATION: Suroeste antioqueño, Colombia
CLIENT: Private

Defining the purpose, needs and development possibilities of a territory outside the city is not an easy task.

Interpreting the regulations, understanding the ecosystems, social, cultural and economic dynamics, as well as the interests and possibilities of maximizing the investment of the owners become fundamental elements to approach this task.

We believe the client/owner should know more than anyone else about his land and property.

However, this task requires the development of occupation models, research on environmental and geological phenomena, and a detailed breakdown of each of the elements that conforms the property: basins, streams, regulations, roads, relations with nearby municipalities, territorial dynamics, access to water and services, as well as abstract and technical variables such as future market possibilities.

For Southwest Master Plan project, we develop occupancy models that have the ability to change, adapt, and respond to different factors. These guarantee equitable land development considering social infrastructure, housing, tourism, recreation, and health and education services.