Orchid House


TYPOLOGY: Public Space
CREDITS: In partnership with J.Paul Restrepo Santa María y Plan B
YEAR: 2005-2006
LOCATION: Medellín, Colombia
CLIENT: Jardín Botánico de Medellín

The Orchid House, a project won by competition in collaboration with JPR Architects and PLANB in 2005 and built in 2006.

The plant is organized around ten “tree-flower” modules.

The seven hexagons shaping the tree-flower have the formal appearance of a geometrical flower whose height, branch structure, and extension means we can also call it a tree.

In plan, each tree-flower is composed of 7 hexagons, where the central hexagon is always kept open like a garden-patio under the open sky.

Each of these modules is spatially and structurally autonomous, and has its own water supply, drainage, and electricity systems.

Each tree-flower functions as a replicable and standardized module; each one is a steel soldered on site, clad in pátula pine from a certified sustainable reforestation plantation, with, concrete floor pavers and polycarbonate and metal sheet roof.